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Twisting Paths of the Dungeon, Somewhere, Thursday
The pathways of the dungeon had changed overnight. Anyone who had stayed in a room beyond their welcome had found themselves booted out back onto the hallways that belonged to their camp and feeling pressed down by the sudden increase in gravity. The doors of yesterday had closed. Other doors had now opened.

And other routes.

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Re: An Aged Door

After poking around for two days, Bo had cottoned on to the fact that if it looked like Fandom on the other side of a door, it probably wasn't. Whoever designed this place had a truly warped sense of fun, but with that in mind, she was actually a bit relieved to step into something unfamiliar.

Until she started walking, and the salt flats slowly became grasslands and then farmland and then a wandering country lane in the middle of a spring night, every step less and less unfamiliar, and far less relieving.

When Bo spotted the idling car by the side of the road, her first thought wasn't Maybe that's the way out of here?, but, "No. Nonononono."

The windows were fogged up, but the sounds from the back seat were so clear, she might as well have been inside. "God, Beth..."

Because she was. "We shouldn't... oh. Oh. I... Kyle..."

If she banged on the window, would they stop? Would her fist just punch through empty mist? Bo would have to get past the frozen with horror stage to ever find out.

[Open to anyone from Camp 2 or 3 if desired!]

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Re: An Aged Door

Dinah had looked into this room, and seeing nothing, felt it might be safe to wander into.

Um. This looked-- what the hell. "What's going on?" she whispered to the other woman.

Re: An Aged Door

It took a moment for Bo to realize there was anyone here besides herself and the last ghosts of her innocence. When she did, it still took a blink or five before she could come up with an answer she was willing to give. To anyone, let alone a stranger.

"Pretty much what it sounds like. Welcome to Lover's Lane."

Re: An Aged Door

Dinah gave her a disturbed look, then back at the car. "Um. So this is-- was-- real?" She paused, staring around, looking for the door they came in by.

Re: An Aged Door

"It isn't now." It would have been nice to believe she could change things, but Bo didn't. She might have been stupid enough to try a few minutes ago, but cynicism had returned with the brain function required to respond to the girl. "Just something that happened years ago. Whoever's doing this to us seems to get his jollies out of messing with memories."

Re: An Aged Door

"Ugh. That's... invasive." Embarrassed, she looked away, not sure why it was showing this encounter to the woman next to her. Then Dinah froze as something else started to form out of the haze over the salt flats: a warehouse, and a dark cityscape.

"Go, Dinah! Helena, run!" Then the sounds of gunfire from inside.

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Re: An Aged Door

Turn her gaze away from Kyle's suddenly-silent car? Why sure; twist Bo's arm.

"That one sounds fun too."

Hopefully the sarcasm was clear in her voice.

Re: An Aged Door

Dinah was hugging herself, trying to make herself believe that she was over this, it was years ago, there was nothing she could have done... "Yeah. Gotta admire the details I thought I forgot."

Like how she and Helena had stumbled out of the warehouse, barely ten yards from the door, coughing and choking from chemical fumes. Like the sound of more gun-fire inside, automatic and fast.

LIke turning back, and the way her voice cracked when she said "Mom?"

And how high the flames rose when the warehouse exploded, and Helena held her back, didn't let her go back in.

She kept watching. Because maybe, maybe, from this angle, her mom got out? Maybe-- maybe Hawke stayed inside longer?

No such luck.

She shuddered, looking back over to that quiet car, and if that was as bad for this woman as this was for her... "Outta here. We need to get-- now."

Re: An Aged Door

Behind Bo, the car door opened, and a girl in a plaid flannel shirt stumbled out. She didn't watch; she refused to give the bastard the satisfaction of making her hope things would be different.

She did, though, try to drown out the sound of her own voice babbling nothing more intelligible than ohgodohgodohgodkyleohgod when she answered, "Damn straight. Do you remember how to get to the door?"


Re: An Aged Door

"I think... it was, maybe only twenty, twenty-five feet?" Dinah was watching her younger self fall to pieces, Helena looking wrecked. She shook herself all over, and spared a glance of pain for that girl getting out of the car, then quickly looked away. "This way. I think."


Re: An Aged Door

"Thanks." Bo nodded and peered through the mist. Facing away from her own past, their surroundings began to look less and less like Grimley with every step she took. "I'm Bo." The girl looked vaguely familiar, but she wasn't on Bo's roster of students; those faces, she could identify.

Re: An Aged Door

"Dinah. Lance. Class of 2010," she added, keeping her eyes front. "Almost wishing this was the vampire world room." Almost. The sound of her crying was fading, and she really wanted to get out of here before something else showed up.

Re: An Aged Door

"I missed that one." She'd heard about it, though, from more than one person. More than one security brief, too. "Ask me how sorry I am."

Re: An Aged Door

"Yeeeah. They did a re-run of that in here. Somewhere." Dinah made a face, then stopped. Another memory was forming out of the heat waves, and she glared at it. "What now?"

...a city scape again. Only this time, they were on top of a skyscraper. New Gotham spread out before them. Dinah suddenly missed home like a punch in the gut.

Re: An Aged Door

"Yours? I've been through a lot of cities, but I don't recognize this one."

If they kept walking toward where the door should be, would they fall off the edge of the building, or was the surface as illusory as the memories of their past selves had been?

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