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Twisting Paths of the Dungeon, Somewhere, Friday
Wind roars through these hallways - sometimes here, sometimes there. When it passed through, it blew out torches that took several minutes to light again: enough time for a grue to grab the unsuspecting people suddenly blanketed in shadow.

Still, it might be worth venturing out into the halls. The roads to each camp were open.

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Re: A Door Covered In Foliage

Judging from Bo's week so far, her best guess was that next up was a vicious mime-attack, all acting out her worst personal faults in charade form. First word, three syllables, rhymes with bird herder... And yet, she opened the door, because the way out had to lie behind one of them, right?

Orrrrr she could step through and immediately tumble to the ground because her fashionable green and orange shoe landed right in a small patch of Cretaceous tar. Oof. Still, as she struggled to pull her foot free, Bo was counting it as a tentative win; nothing had landed on her head -- or tried to eat it -- yet.

Why, why, why did she have to think the word yet? It was like saying what could possibly go wrong out loud; the second you did, you'd hear booming reptilian roars and feel the earth shake in the distance, and the bushes in front of your face would rustle and echo with higher, shriller cries. Hard to scramble away when you're still unsticking your foot, so Bo just grabbed her fallen baseball bat and brandished it at the quivering foliage, waiting for whatever was about to try to eat her head to burst out.

Except nothing did. The leaves just continued to thrash about, and the shrill calls became less fearsome sounding, and more...desperate? Her foot finally pulling free from the gunk, Bo reached over to carefully push some of the branches aside with the bat.

Trapped, just like she'd been, in a sticky puddle, and shrieking wildly as it tried to free its hind legs from the muck, was a... well, it looked kind of like a Triceratops, but those didn't come in carry-it-to-the-Oscars-in-your-purse size, did they?

Was she really going to... yeah, she really was. "Relax, buddy. How about you shut up and don't summon Godzilla, and I try to get you out of there?"

The answer to that was apparently for the dog-sized lizard to squeal even louder, and snap at her in panic when she reached further into the bushes. "Hey, I'm trying to help! Aren't you supposed to be a vegetarian?"

Fine, so she couldn't get her hands in there if she wanted to keep her fingers. The bat would solve that problem if she wanted to beat it to death, but not so great for impromptu rescues. Bo thought for a moment, then looked down at her feet.

"Hi there, second dumbest idea I've had to today. I was wondering when you'd show up..."

Two minutes later, Bo had a neon green noose in her hand. "Whoopie-ti-yi-yippee-ki-yay."

The first time, she missed and it tried to catch and eat the string like a cat, but on the second toss, the loop settled around the creature's midsection, and Bo started to carefully tug it free.

"There," she said when it tumbled out of the bushes. "Now just let me have my shoelaces back and--"

Run squalling away, dragging her after it if she didn't want to lose the only thing keeping those shoes on her feet besides the sheer gravitational force of ugly.

"Hey! Just--" Crash, shriek, yank yank yank. Lather, rinse, plunge through waist-high marsh grass, repeat...

     Dear Mitchell,

went the postcard she was mentally composing.

     Today I got dragged through Primeval Playground by a dinosaur on a leash wearing bowling shoes.
     Me, not the dinosaur. How's Wales?
     love to Nina, George, and Annie,

Too bad she wasn't able to grab a picture with her phone before the shoelace finally snapped and the critter bounded away into the jungle, still screaming at the top of its lungs.

Another deep roar in the distance. Great. Where had she dropped that bat?


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