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Staff Commander Kaidan Alenko, Systems Alliance not_a_whiner wrote in fh_dungeon
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Dungeon Residential Camps, Somewhere, Tuesday
One moment, there was nothing. Merely the quiet dripping of water on polished rock, the flicker of a torch in an empty chamber, silence echoing through dark halls as if there were nothing lurking in them at all.

And then in a blip - no strange effects, no flashes of light - across three large chambers, there was something. Students and teachers and town-dwellers, materializing on the cold dungeon floors. In one corner of each of these rooms, something else materialized: a stack of bags that could be worn, and another stack of violently green bowling shoes.

Welcome, Fandom. Today, you are isolated from one another. Get to know your campmates. It may be a matter of life and death - much like finding your way around...

[[ camp 1 | camp 2 | camp 3 | ooc ]]


Dungeon Day One. Muhahah. Let us know down here if you've got any questions or you can't find your name on the camps roll.


Admittedly it's 4:30 in the morning and I just woke up, but I can't find Kennedy on the camp list?


Nope, looks like I missed her, sorry! I'll toss her into Camp 2.


Works for me, thank you! <3


I think Richie is missing from the lists?


Ah, looks like I forgot to expand your sign-up comment and missed him - sorry about that! He'll be in Camp 3!


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