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Staff Commander Kaidan Alenko, Systems Alliance not_a_whiner wrote in fh_dungeon
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Dungeon Residential Camps, Somewhere, Sunday Morning
The dungeon had shifted again overnight.

This time it was different, however: no new corridors were formed, no new rooms were opened. One camp's corridor led into another's led into another's, and from there, a path straight forward towards the vault. It would not be hard now for the Fandomites trapped inside to meet and congregate.

Was the Toymaker making it easy on them? Possible. But not very probable.

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Re: Camp Two - Fireplace...?

"You look like shit," Bo said, because tact was for... actually she could do tact, most days, but he really did look like shit. Ear-blood. "Hot Viking shit that I'd totally still jump if we weren't in the middle of a crisis and more of an audience than I like, but still. That can't be healthy."

Re: Camp Two - Fireplace...?

"Well, thank you," Eric said with a tiny smile. "Ear-blood thing?"

Re: Camp Two - Fireplace...?

"It's a little hard to miss. Not that any of us look that great right now, I guess." In fact given the company... "Or smell that great."

Re: Camp Two - Fireplace...?

"We should probably shower together when we get out of here to save on water," Eric declared altruistically.

Re: Camp Two - Fireplace...?

"I have a bathtub the size of Lake Minnewhapo," Bo pointed out. "Just sayin'."

Not that she knew her other boss' seven-year old had been frolicking in it all weekend...

Re: Camp Two - Fireplace...?

"I think that sounds like an excellent plan," Eric decided.


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