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As of May 5th, 2017, this Livejournal community is officially closed, but Fandom High remains open! We've just moved to Dreamwidth. All existing comms and posts have been imported to Dreamwidth, but will also remain here as a frozen backup copy.

If you're a former player, come back! you can make sure your characters' threads in old posts have The Pretty Pictures in them, instead of just an icon-free Open-ID link back to their Livejournal account, by creating a free Dreamwidth account for each character, then importing their LJ contents to the DW account, and finally, claiming the Open-ID for the character's LJ account. That will assign all the imported LJ comments for that character to the character's new Dreamwidth account, and attach your character's Dreamwidth userpics to the imported comments.

If you're a potential player thinking of joining us, all of the application information and more than you ever wanted to know about how the game works is over here on the Fandom High Index!